Ah, Kansas City

I got to go on my first long-distance trip. Dude and Mama Nat took me to a place called Kansas City. I didn’t know much about the place, but I was excited to ride in Mama Nat’s new car. I love to ride in the car. I love to stick my face out of the window. There are all these different smells and people wave at me.

Halfway to Kansas City, Mama Nat needed a Starbucks. I got to walk in this tiny park, then lounge on a patio while Dude and Mama Nat took a break.

Then, it was back in the car.

When we got to Kansas City, we stayed with Bro and Sissy and their two-legged kid, Jax. He was funny. They had a big yard with some tiny neighbors who were awfully loud.

I liked lounging under their big, big trees, hanging out on their big patio, eating treats and sleeping in the air-conditioned car house.

I even got to go for a walk at a nearby park. There was a bridge and all kinds of fun smells. It sure was fun, but I was ready to go home after a few days. I sure was pooped and slept almost all the way home. I hope I get to go for a long ride in the car, soon. Just like Dude and Mama Nat, I like those vacation things.

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I’m getting more and more like Mama Nat. I don’t like summer. It’s too hot. I mean, I like being inside near Dude and Mama Nat, but I get bored. Sigh.

But, today was great. I got to sleep outside and roll in the grass and play in the rain. And then, we went for a walk in the fields. Joy.

When we got home, Mama Nat filled my bowl with cold water, Dude gave me a treat and we all sat on the deck in the cool air.

I hope it stays like this forever.

Why, hello! It’s been a while. But, I  haven’t really been myself. Dude says I’m an old girl and Mama Nat sure does fuss over me. It is a little harder for me to climb up and down those stairs and well, I’d much rather nap than chase one of those flat, round things or my ball.

Mama Nat bought me a squishy pillow she says is therapeutic…whatever that means. I don’t like it when Mama Nat brings home those new pillows, but I kinda like this one. Sometimes I just lay my bum on it and it feels really good. Sometimes, just my head.

Dude and Mama Nat decided I needed new food, too. There’s this store, something about Paws and Pets. Mama Nat says they only sell healthy food for Big Kids. She says she feels bad they’ve been feeding me a bunch of grain and junk. Dude says its why I have to poop all the time. I don’t know, my food is okay but sometimes I don’t like to eat it because it makes my tummy hurt and I have to nibble a little of the green stuff in our yard.

They brought home this:

I LOVE IT! It tastes good, it doesn’t make my tummy hur,t plus they bought this other meat-stuff to sprinkle on top. Yum. It tastes soooo good, I almost feel like running around the yard! Okay, maybe half the yard.

And, when I went to see the man in the funny pajamas, he told Mama Nat  he was very surprised and happy that all my tests were really good! Mama Nat and Dude cheered and I got a special treat to chew.

It’s definitely getting better all the time.

It’s my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. I am ten years old. Dude says I’m an old lady, but I don’t feel like it. Well, most days. I got a birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs. Yum. My favorite. And now I get to enjoy the fireplace while Dude and Mama Nat watch black and white movies about Christmas. Mama Nat tried to get me to take my picture with one of those furry big red socks, but I was too excited. Ten years old. It makes a gal almost sleepy just thinking about it.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I did get a few pieces of delicious turkey in my bowl. Yummy. I always like turkey. It was a good day.

But, something sad happened over the weekend. It seems there is a new four-legged angel among us. Her name is Allie.

Allie was Kelli’s best friend. They’d been best friends for a long, long time. They walked, laughed, played, snuggled and cried together. When Kelli was very sick, Allie stuck by her side. So, when Allie became sick Kelli did all she could for her. Everything.

But it was time for Allie to begin her second life, a four-legged angel. Now, she will always be with Kelli. We’re like that, you know. We never really leave you. We always want to stay.

Kelli is sad. Mama Nat is sad for Kelli. And me, well I’m just glad Allie and Kelli found one another. Some kids never get so lucky. They never have someone to love and care for them, to buy them funny toys, take them to the park, dress them up in embarrassing costumes, cuddle under a blanket.

Allie was lucky and she knew she was loved. That’s something else we always know,when we’re truly loved.

God speed, Allie.


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What’s the new is Mary Jane is happy. She’s running and cruising, even went to Riverside Park with Dude and Mama Nat. Oh, for those of you who don’t know Mary Jane, she is Dude’s ’65 VW microbus. Mama Nat calls her the “other woman.”

Mary Jane is my friend. She stays in the garage with me and when it’s cold she let’s me sleep inside her camper. I like it in there. It’s cozy and smells like sandalwood. But, she’s been sick. She hadn’t left the garage in a very long time and Dude was afraid her camping days were over. I’m glad he was wrong. Not only has she gone to the park, but she went camping and last night, she made her grand Halloween reappearance. Even the neighbors noticed it had been a while and were glad she was back.

Me, too. Nothing beats a girl and her bus.

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When I was a kid, I used to get in trouble. Lots of trouble. One time when I was bored I pulled this funny box off the side of the Big House. It was easy to chew. But when Mama Nat got home, boy was she mad. Said something about no television. Then Dude came home and he was mad, too. Then this nice man in blue showed up and put the box back on the house. I wanted him to come back, so I tore down the funny box, again. This time, the nice man in blue put the box way, way up high on the Big House. Then he buried all those skinny tubes so I couldn’t chew on them. He never came back. Mama Nat and Dude were very unhappy with me.

But I never did anything like that cat, DayTripper. Yesterday, I thought Dude might toss the little guy out in to the farmer’s field, even though Mama Nat said it wasn’t Tripper’s fault.

From what I could hear through the kitchen window, Dude left a can of black stuff by his art table near the window. The window is downstairs and Tripper likes to sit in the window and talk to me and the birds and the grass and the crickets. While Mama Nat and Dude were in the kitchen, Tripper decided to jump up and sit in the window, only his back leg landed in the can of paint. I bet that felt strange. It must’ve because he  kicked his legs, got his front foot in the paint along with his belly,  jumped down and ran throughout the house. That’s when Mama Nat saw this:

Lots of them. Everywhere. There was a lot of yelling, mostly Mama Nat at Dude and Dude at DayTripper. I didn’t get to see it, but from what I could hear the little prints were up and down the stairs, down the hall, in Mama Nat and Dude’s room where they sleep, in the living room and in the dining room. All over.

Plus, DayTripper was sticky with the stuff.

Dude tried to clean the floor, walls and window while Mama Nat tried to clean Tripper. Boy, was he mad. I could hear him howling outside. It was terrible. I think she finally gave up.

Well, today Tripper is still around, but he has a black foot where his white one used to be. Dude says since the black sticky stuff didn’t kill him, Tripper should be okay, although he does smell funny.  Mama Nat says it’s a good thing it’s close to Halloween so the little black prints all over the house match her spooky decorations.

As for Day Tripper, he’s still kinda crabby and he walks around shaking his legs and chewing at his foot, but everything’s back to normal. Dude even gave Tripper an Indian name, said it was from the Blackfoot Cat Clan, something like Chief Twitching Toe.

 And I hear we’re getting a new wood floor for Christmas.  That’ll be nice.